Katherine Regains Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

Katherine Jackson is granted custody and reunited with her grandchildren. 

Katherine Jackson has regained guardianship of her grandchildren Prince, Paris and Blanket. TJ Jackson, who was named temporary guardian last week, now shares the responsibilities with Katherine as co-guardian, according to a new court ruling

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Katherine originally said she was devastated about loosing guardianship of her grandchildren but she's now agreeing to share rights with TJ.  

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Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said the kids are in terrific hands. “It appears from the report that Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job and cares about the children very much," he said. 

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However, this new ruling is only temporary. A judge will decide permanent guardianship at an August 22nd hearing. TMZ reports that Katherine and TJ are working together to care for Michael Jackson's kids. 


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