Reader Q&A: CurlyNikki On Using Henna and Cassia To Condition Hair

CurlyNikki explains how henna and cassia can help you bid adieu to dry hair.

Calling all naturalistas: Do you have urgent tress questions? If so, you're in luck. Every Thursday, natural hair blogger extraordinaire CurlyNikki will be solving your curly hair conundrums! Submit your questions by tweeting them to @EssenceMag with the hashtag #AskCurlyNikki.

READER QUESTION: I know you love using henna in your hair but I saw on your blog that you also have used Cassia. I'm curious about henna but there are a few things that have me nervous about taking the plunge to try it, one of them is the coloring effects. I know Cassia is supposed to be similar without altering hair color. Can you share your experience with Cassia?

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