ESSENCE Music Festival Playlist: Eve's Greatest Hits

Take a spin through Eve's jams.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, Eve’s first album Let There Be Eve hit shelves over ten years ago. In that time, the elusive Philadelphia rapper-actress has given her fans plenty of hits. As we gear up to see the pitbull in a skirt at ESSENCE Music Festival in July, let’s check out our favorite Eve jams. Are you ready?Make sure you get your tickets to see Eve at the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival on July 6-8 in New Orleans!

Eve’s first single “What Ya Want” from her debut album Let There Be Eve hit radio stations in 1999 and mildly shook up hip-hop music. Still, following the success of Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill, music fans were looking for another MC in a skirt to quench their thirst and Eve’s lyrical style fit in nicely.

Remember what falling in love felt like in high school? Eve captured that giddy, floaty feeling on “Gotta Man,” a song that’s even got a few fast little girls giggling in the background.

Featuring Swizz Beatz’s trademark staccato drums, blaring horns and a bit of salsa, Eve’s single “Who’s That Girl” from her sophomore album 2001’s Scorpion hit the top of the charts. Don’t you want to spin around a dance floor right now?

Joining with her buddies Dr. Dre and Gwen Stefani, “Let Me Blow Your Mind” was Eve’s first official foray into pop music. The Philadelphia native never looked back as this song, and the fashion and she and her No Doubt co-star wore in the video permeated pop culture.

Who doesn’t appreciate a handsome, round the way guy? Eve certainly does, which is why she cast the chocolate actor in this “Gangsta Lovin’” clip from her third album 2002’s Eve-Olution.

“Satisfaction” almost didn’t happen as Eve told MTV in an interview, "I actually was getting ready to walk out the studio. I had a headache, I was stressed out. I just was like … working with Dre … me and Dre got this love/hate relationship. Every time I write a song, it’s the hardest song I wrote.“

Few things are more tragic than domestic violence and it’s affect on a friend. Eve tackles this subject head on in “Love Is Blind,” a cautionary tale about a woman mired in an abusive relationship.

For “Rich Girl,” it was Eve’s turn to lend Gwen Stefani a helping hand on the pop singer’s solo album, 2004’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. sans her band, No Doubt. Did you know this song is originally from the musical Fiddler on the Roof and the track “If I Were a Rich Man”?

Working on her oft-delayed tentatively titled fourth album Here I Am, Eve released this pop catchy track complete with a brightly colored video in 2007.

We must’ve played this Roots jam “You Got Me” on repeat for almost two months straight. Between Erykah Badu’s light alto floating over the chorus, Eve trades verses with fellow Philly MC Black Thought on this down-tempo track.

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