The Ultimate Whitney Houston Playlist

We remember the lovely Whitney Houston with a look back at her greatest hits.

Whitney’s beautiful tribute to self-love will forever be in our hearts.

This groovy tune from Whitney’s first self-titled hit album quickly became the grab-a-guy-and-get-on-the-dance-floor club anthem of the 80s.

In 1992, when Whitney teamed up with the legendary Chaka Khan, this unforgettable girl-power anthem was born.

In this classic love song, Whitney poured out her heart to create one of the most beautiful and honest tributes to undying love ever sung.

Whitney, we’ll always love you too. You will be greatly missed.

This one goes out to every woman who ever wondered if he was thinking of her, as much as she was thinking of him. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

Another 100-percent on the money relatable track from the legendary Whitney Houston. It earns a permanent spot on our heartbreak healing playlist.

Here’s to hoping that when you run to the arms of the one you love, they’re wide-open and waiting just for you. Whitney, we can’t thank you enough for this one.

A staple at weddings for decades, this classic reminds us that we can never stop believing in ourselves.

If you’ve ever head to check in to this establishment, you already know why no Whitney Houston playlist could be without this ode to breakup hell.

Here, Whitney reminds us to never stop believe in miracles.

Another unforgettable ballad from the queen.

Proving she was still the queen, this jam was the popular lead single on Whitney’s 2009 comeback album I Turn to You.

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