Find Your Perfect Bra!

Feb 2012 Bra Feature
Expert tips for finding your girls' best friend.

Whether you're petite or your cup runneth over, Susan Nethero, cofounder of Intimacy Boutiques, offers expert tips for finding your girls' best friend.

Your bra should be snug around your rib cage. "A bra that's too big will leave you looking sloppy and unsupported," says Nethero. "Go down in band width [from a 36 to a 34, for instance] and then up a cup size instead."

Never wear your bra two days in a row. Instead keep at least three bras in rotation, says Nethero: "You should have one to wear, one to wash and one in your drawer for the next day. If your bra could talk it would say, Wear me, but don't wear me out."

Every woman should own a push-up, plunge or cleavage bra, says Nethero. "They give you a more youthful appearance."

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