An Open Letter to Serial Monogamists

Learn to love in moderation

In a world where women of all nationalities are lamenting how hard it is to find a man, you’re the one who always has one. And you can’t live without him. And if for some reason he makes a break for it, you will just fall back into an old relationship that you already know the unhappy ending to or cling on to dear life to some other guy that, deep down, you can just barely stand.

While this drama makes for great reality television and sells tabloids pushing the many loves and love maladies of Halle Berry, in real life – this blows.

No one likes to be alone. But if being alone gives you such a panic attack that you take back the ex who cheated on you with an escort service and half of the female population of the city of Philadelphia perhaps it’s time to reassess. You don’t want to be some love stoned puppet of serial monogamy with folks you pray to God you don’t get pregnant by and hence be stuck with permanently while you remain your vigil for “the one.”

First step is recognition that you are the type of person who can’t be alone. It’s pretty easy to spot.

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