Reader Q&A: Blogger CurlyNikki on Preventing Heat Damage

Natural hair blogger extraordinaire CurlyNikki on safe ways to straighten your tresses, like Alicia Keys, without heat damage.

Calling all naturalistas: Do you have urgent tress questions? If so, you're in luck. Every Thursday, natural hair blogger extraordinaire CurlyNikki will be solving your curly hair conundrums!

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I'm straightening my hair tonight. Any tips on preventing heat damage? -Shauntie


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It's totally possible to achieve a sleek natural 'do in a safe way (just check out naturalista Alicia Keys' healthy straight style). Here are my tried and true tips along with info on the most popular and least damaging methods straightening methods:

 Leave-in Conditioner Recommendations:
***Salerm 21 A thicker leave-in with moisture, silk protein and lots of slip. Love it!

***Lacio Lacio  My favorite right now for roller-sets. It's lighter than Salerm 21 and leaves my hair strong, soft and moisturized. It also aids in detangling. It's another one that has a good mix of moisture and silk protein.

Redken Anti Snap  People love it. I don't. I really wanted to, but it makes my hair feel weird. I think it's the hydrolized wheat and soy proteins. Maybe it'll be your fave!

Heat Proctectant Recommendation:
***Sabino Lok and Blok  My absolute favorite and I like that it's not a spray... I also use this in the summer as an anti-humectant. It smooths the cuticle, locks in moisture, absorbs heat and leaves a lovely shine.

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