Tyra Skips Shaving Her Legs!

Ms. Banks only whips out razors for modeling jobs!

For every woman who has ever nicked her legs with a razor blade or has ever left the house in a mini and came to the shocking revelation that she forgot to shave, you may not even want to hear this. Tyra recently told Life & Style magazine, "I don't have to shave my legs." Now wait -- don't go sounding the alarm yet. This isn't a Mo'nique case here as the supermogul also added, "The hair is so fine, you don't even see it".

Okay, Miss Banks! If it ain't broke...

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Her everyday life may not require a bout with shaving cream, but her professional life as a model had her whipping out the hair removal apparatus. "I used to shave my legs for the Victoria's Secret fashion show...and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue," she also shared.

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