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Just Engaged: June and Gerrard

June Gerard Just Engaged City Lights
Bride-to-be: June Louise Jones, 28, Entertainment Attorney

Groom-to-be: Gerrard Lyndon Grant, 32, Tax Attorney

To Be Married On: September 10, 2011

A Test of Love
After months of preparing for the Georgia Bar Exam, June was devastated when she got there and her computer crashed halfway through the test. When the lunch break came, she contemplated just going home. On her way out she overheard Gerrard talking about having similar technical problems and the two started venting together. Instantly smitten with June’s charms, Gerrard gave her his number because she refused to give him hers. June meant to call but she’d written Gerrard’s number on the back of the test center booklet and accidentally tossed it in the trash. Oops! June felt terrible and hope she’d one day get a second chance to meet him.

A Second Chance at Love
“Weeks and months passed before I accepted the fact that June was not going to call,” says Gerrard. He figured Atlanta was such a big city he might never see her again. Then, almost as if he’d dreamed it so, he saw a beautiful woman who looked familiar, waving to him at church one lovely Sunday. It was June! They refreshed each other’s memories and June apologized for not calling Gerrard the first time she’d promised. “About two weeks after making a second first impression, we went on our first date,” says June. “The rest is history.”

The Best Gift Ever
Each year for Christmas, when June’s family gets together, they make one unsuspecting guest dress up as Santa Claus and give out presents. This particular year, Gerrard was told he’d have the honor. He delivered gifts to everyone, then went to go change out of his suit. When he returned, he announced that Santa had “forgotten to deliver one very special gift.” He then proposed to June on bended knee. “I cried like a baby,” says June. “I just remember covering my face and trying not to ruin my makeup.”

The pair plan to wed this week in a beautiful peacock-themed ceremony. Take a look at their lovely engagement photos, shot in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station, and share their love!

Photography by Jaxon Wedding Photography
Event Planning: Maria Thacker Events
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