Miracle Worker: Brazilian Peel Clear

Brazilian Peel Clear zaps zits and  erases dark spots!

As if acne breakouts weren’t bad enough, for many of us the aftermath is pesky brown spots. Great, the pimples go away, but then it takes weeks -- even months -- for the hyperpigmentation to fade.

Enter Brazilian Peel Clear, an acne peel that busts breakouts and fights dark spots -- all in one kit! You can heal adult acne with the daily one percent salicylic acid Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Control Booster Pads. Then even out your skin tone, fight signs of aging and boost collagen production with the weekly Brazilian Peel Clear 25 percent glycolic acid acne peel application.

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It's like a one-two punch!

$60 at Sephora stores, Sephora.com, and BrazilianPeel.com

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