10 Hot Spots to Have Summer Sex

Feeling frisky? Here are 10 hot spots to explore summer sex in the great outdoors.

When it comes to lovemaking, there’s nothing sexier than trying something new. Spice things up this season! Say farewell to the bed in favor of one of these ten summer hotspots. Here’s your road map.

The Car
Take a ride to nowhere and just pull over for a little off-road action. You’ll need clothes you can easily slip on and off and a spot safely off the road and out of anyone else’s line of sight. When you’re done steaming up the windows, roll ‘em down and let the evening breeze cool things off.

The Beach
Bring your blanket and become one with the ocean. Pick a secluded spot behind a sand dune and far away from any evening passersby. The sound of the sea whooshing back and forth will be an instant aphrodisiac.
The Park Swings
Daytime is for picnicking in the park, but at night there are few other activities you can try. Bring your bug spray and keep it down -- there could be one or two lingering kids around.

A Tent
If camping is on your summer to-do list, don’t forget to pack your sense of spontaneity. While you’re becoming one with nature, why not get a little closer to the one you love? Just be careful not to wake the bears.
Your Porch
An all-new sexual experience is waiting for you right at your front door. Wait until after dark and make sure the neighbors aren’t watching. If things get too hot outside you can always bring the fun back indoors.

The Jacuzzi
This one needs no introduction. It’s a signature sex location for summer. Have you checked it off your list?

On a Boat
You know that expression “don’t rock the boat”? It doesn’t apply here. Take out a private charter and enjoy a little love at sea.

On a Rooftop
You. Him. A starlit sky. Can’t you picture it? Nothing sounds more romantic than a little lovin’ beneath the clouds. Get away from the hum of the world down below and take your lovemaking to new heights.

An Exotic Vacation Locale
You’re on the most romantic trip ever, so why not make a memory you wont soon forget? Head to your hotel room balcony at sunset, a secluded lookout area, or a luscious rainforest and leave your inhibitions behind.

On the Field
There’s nothing like a little friendly game between lovers. Find a football field or baseball diamond near you and score!

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