Hot Hair: 20 Stars Sporting Natural Hair

Tracee Ellis Ross Natural Lead
20 celebs who are rocking sexy, chic, natural tresses, from intricate, twisted updos to halos of fluffy curls. 

Once upon a time, Black actresses and singers had to straighten their hair to even get a foot in the door. But after Cicely Tyson rocked cornrows on the 1960s TV show "East Side West Side," and Pam Grier and Chaka Khan sported proud 'fros in the '70s, perceptions slowly (verrry slowly) began to change.

These days, a slew of celebs have decided to embrace the beauty of their natural tresses -- to gorgeous, inspirational results. From Solange Knowles to Janelle Monae, here are our favorite stars with fierce "freedom" hair.

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