Africa Rising: Q&A with Designer, Deola Sagoe

Read about the Nigerian beauty behind the runway's hautest line. You've had the opportunity to show your collection at New York Fashion Week in the past, do you have plans to connect/expand into the U.S. market in the future?

DEOLA: Every market interests me. A new market means I can get out my ideas further and receive new ideas too. That's the beauty of a global community. America is especially interesting because there is also a mixing of cultures where ideas fuse together and generally advancement occurs. In America you can make ideas of change happen because there are many schools of thought -- the many body types and body shapes and different aesthetic points of view are all rubbing against each other and this creates energy.

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Where we are right now at Deola Sagoe is in the enviable position of being very good at what we do. We are very refined and distilled, from the fabrics we create to the techniques we use to make our garments... the U.S. market is always interested in something good and we kind of feel that right now 'we have the goodness' as it were... (Laughs)

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