Trey Songz ESSENCE Music Festival Playlist

Trey Songz, naked? Trey Songz, clothed? We'll take him either way, especially since he's performing at the 2011 ESSENCE Music Festival (got your tickets?) Fortunately for you, we've pulled together a nice little playlist featuring videos with the Virginia native in various states of undress. We know, you're welcome. Yuup!

"Gotta Go" was our first introduction to the Virginia native. And after catching his adorable smile, we didn't want him to leave either. Plus, check out Chris Brown's cameo.

"Can't Help But Wait" is featured on Trey's second album "Trey Day." In the video, Trey's the sensitive guy who saves the battered woman next door but we must say, few heros are this cute.

Trey Songz-Last Time by Warner-MusicTrey says goodbye to his mistress in this clip. Too bad, his lady spots him as he's bidding Mrs. Jones adieu.

Trey Songz-Missing You by Warner-Music"Missing You" is the follow-up video to "Last Time," where Trey catches his former lady living it up with the next man. Hard times.

For many of us, "Successful" was our first look at Canadian MC Drake. Trey stops by the cut with a hook full of just enough yearning and determination to make "Successful" our 2009 theme song.

Trey Songz-I Invented Sex by Warner-MusicI don't think any of us were ready for the sexiness of Trey's "I Invented Sex" clip. We definitely had to wipe the sweat from our computer screens after that bit with the ice and the shot at 2:20.

Lawd, we bet they do! fans self Is that milk in the bath tub?

Few songs spark a party like Trey's "Say Aah," once this plays all we want to do is boogie.

Nicki Minaj joins Trey for this darkly lit pop video, as Trey looks svelte in a fashionable black on black look. We'd share a bottle with Tremaine ...

Ever been in love with someone and realized that a post-break up friendship wasn't an option? Exactly.

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