'Celebrity Apprentice' Episode 4 Recap

Last night "Celebrity Apprentice" put on a thrilling two hours of television. My goodness! With NeNe Leakes as project manger, Dionne's poor sportsmanship and La Toya Jackson proving she's only useful to keep time, we couldn't take our eyes off the screen. The teams were charged with creating a 30-second commercial selling ACN's video phone, and boy, did the actresses put on Academy Award performance! If you caught the show, you know Leakes was this week's shining star. Though she couldn't lead the team to victory — losing for the third straight time — we've collected Leakes' five best quotes from the night. See what lines kept us babbling with our girlfriends... Here's what you had to say: Latasha commented via Facebook: "NeNe did well, but she should have put Dionne in her place." Na wrote via Facebook: "I wish [NeNe] would not have cried in the board room."



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