Coffee Talk: CNN Highlights Celeb-Gaddafi Connection

With such heavy headlines, see why we're cutting back on the sugar this morning: Chris Brown says he's done apologizing for the Rihanna incident, Diddy remembers Biggie, a preview of Alicia Keys and Beyonce's "Put It in a Love Song" has surfaced, and CNN has an amazing story highlighting celebrity ties to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the work that goes into creating an overseas show... Here's what you had to say: Dawn commented via Facebook: "What really gets me is this — wouldn't you find out who you were performing for before you accepted their money?" Pattigurl wrote via Facebook: "I think it's a great diversion tactic to put the blame on stars who made piddly change instead of our own government that has backed dictators and supplied them with weapons."


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