Sound-Off: Mixed Chicks' Careless Tweet Causes a Stir

The color divide between dark skin and light skin African-Americans is still a very real issue in the Black community. As much as we would like to wish them away or pretend they don't exist, the problem crawls from its hiding place every so often, and we are left to analyze its existence. What does it say about us as a community? Why is it still an issue? And what are the solutions? Last week it was the "Team Light Skin vs. Team Dark Skin" flyer created by party promoters in Columbus, Ohio that caused quite the stir in the Twitterverse. Unfortunately, it wasn't the last we would hear of the divisive teams based on one's skin color... Here's what you had to say: Patti commented via Facebook: "There has been this underlying intra-racism for centuries now and it's not just within the AA community." Tonia wrote via Facebook: "Wow. Light skin vs dark skin is just stupid, tired, unnecessary drama."


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