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5 Questions for Tatyana Ali on 'Love That Girl'

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Tatyana Ali isn't a newcomer to the world of sitcom television. After her stint on the now iconic "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" alongside Will Smith, Ali took a break to attend Harvard University. She's now back to comedy with a second season of "Love That Girl" on TV One, about a recent divorcee trying to find her independence in California, with a cast of unpredictable family and friends aiding her on her journey. spoke with Ali about "Love That Girl," working with executive producer Martin Lawrence... and why she is a happy single gal. What's unique about "Love That Girl"?
The show is comprised of different elements. You have this kind of "Sex and the City" dating side, but you also have a family element to the show. The show has a nice combination of that feel good family vibe, mixed with an edgy, sexy, fun element as well. Tell us about your character "Tyana Jones" on "Love That Girl."
My character is unlike any other character that I've ever played. She's multi-dimensional and very real, which is what attracted me to playing her. Sometimes she's a grown woman, but other times she's a girl. Additionally, she's really courageous and headstrong. My character falls on her face many times, though she's not afraid to get back up. You didn't end up broke or in prison, and managed to graduate from Harvard. How did you escape the life that some young child actors fall victim to?
I think at the end of the day, kids need people around telling them what they can and can't do even when they have celebrity status. I had a great support system with my family and friends. I partied in college, but I was lucky enough to have people around me who really liked Tatyana for Tatyana; I've been fortunate to be around protective family. Martin Lawrence is one of the executive producers. Any moments when he made you laugh?
During promo together we had a lot of fun. Martin did a shoulder shimmy dance that was hilarious. [laughs] We'll have some surprises on the show. So every available bachelor in America would like to know why are you single?
ALI: [laughs] I don't know. Maybe because I work too much and live in L.A. ... I'm a homebody. It's probably my fault that I'm single.

Catch the season premiere of "Love That Girl" on TV One tonight at 9pm.