Keri Hilson on Sexed-Up Sound of 'No Boys Allowed'

Keri Hilson's latest video, "The Way You Love Me," is no pretty girl rock. With more fully-loaded and lubed, gun-toting girls, it's the music video that had us all clutching our pearls and blushing in disbelief. Hilson and her star-studded pleather panty posse pushed the envelope way past PG-13; but it wasn't the over-sexualized imagery that had us shocked. It was Miss Keri's role in it all. There before our very eyes our Atlanta good girl had gone bad. But did we miss the signs? We caught up with Keri before the release of her sophomore album "No Boys Allowed" to talk about letting go on "The Way..." on loving guns, and why Idris Elba may be the one exception to her No Boys Allowed rule... Here's what you had to say: Selena commented via Facebook: "If she's comfortable with her new look, it works for me."



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