Female Bankers Told to Wear 'Flesh-Colored' Underwear

Here's one way to make a woman angry: tell her what she should or shouldn't be wearing. The Swiss international bank UBS AG has taken dress code manuals to the extreme by issuing a 43-page document detailing what its employees can and cannot wear. There are the usual ones you'd expect from a conservative Swiss bank; no colored artificial nails, no visible tattoos, no piercings, no flashy jewelry -- but the kicker is telling female employees to wear "flesh-colored" underwear and not wear "skirts that are too tight behind." Here's what you had to say: Taneika commented via Facebook: "I believe telling women what color underwear to wear is going too far." Regina wrote via Facebook: "I'm not offended by this. Some women do seem to require instruction on how not to let their underwear show through their clothes."


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