'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Episode 10 Recap

A more subdued and somber-looking NeNe Leakes emerged on this week's episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta." She's so down that she goes into hiding because of the embarrassment Gregg has caused. On the lighter side of things, Phaedra's son Ayden did what all newborns do when left diaper-less and placed near mommy's crisp white shirtdress: he pooped. Find out what other moments had us singing lah-di-da about this week's "RHoA." Here's what you had to say: Jeanette commented via Facebook: "I feel sorry for Cynthia. She is placed in between her man Peter and her good friend NeNe." Elaine wrote via Facebook: "NeNe's bed conversation with her girlfriends about not wanting to leave the house and to be left alone is what youc all a real girlfriend moment!"



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