What You Said: Pressure to be a Superwoman

When Karyn White's "Superwoman," came out back in 1988, all the working girls, trying to keep their bosses, children, friends and men happy exhaled. We'd been trying to express White's frustration for a while. Twenty-two years later -- just when we thought men finally understood that we're not machines -- a new poll revealed that single guys are still looking for a superwoman who focuses on her career, takes care of home and the kids and always looks fierce. We asked our Facebook friends if they feel pressure from men do it all. Here's what you said... Here's what you had to say: Loretta commented via Facebook: "I think a real man just wants a woman he can walk in the same direction with, side by side." Michelle wrote via Facebook: "At this point I have no idea what men want and I don't think men know either!"


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