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First Look: Rimowa Luxury Luggage

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It's not all about a Louis Vuitton luggage set. For those times when you want to travel with understated luxury, you might consider Rimowa. This luxury luggage line was founded in 1898 and since then the family owned company has sold a countless number of it's signature ridged luggage set to celebrities, diplomats and fashionistas alike...
What do they love about Rimowa luggage? It's as distinctive as it is indistructable. The shell, crafted from materials like feather light aluminum and polycarbonate's is so tough you can jump on it without breakage. Inside, you'll find simple, streamlined compartments that make it easy to store shoes, coats, and pants. Take a first look at Rimowa's entire range of products and find out where you can buy at Rimowa online.

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