Balancing Act: I Was a CEO at 17

Every day I'm juggling. School. Family. Red carpets. Budget sheets. You know, the normal stuff... well, for some. About six years ago -- when I was 14 -- I decided to be an entrepreneur. It wasn't a phase. At 20, I'm looking forward to never working for anyone -- except myself. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandfather was the first Black man to own a real estate company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My parents continued that legacy by owning a string of small businesses, such as a weight-loss program and other service-oriented companies. Business always interested me, and like most teens, I valued having the ability to purchase the things I wanted. So did those who surrounded me. Whenever discussions turned to the topic of money and careers, my family's message was more simple and repetitive than a hook on a Drake song: learn how to bring in income on your own. That tune stuck in my head...


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