Tress Talk: Willow Smith's Hairstylist on Her Edgy 'Do

Who's cuter than Willow Smith right now? The pint-sized pop star has charmed the nation with her infectious dance hit. "Whip My Hair," and her edgy-to-the-max personal style. And that hair! In the past year, Willow's hairstyles have ranged from a shaved-on-the-side asymmetric to a "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"-esque fauxhawk. We chatted with Willow's hairstylist, Marcia Hamilton, about everything from the pop starlet's favorite products to the inspiration behind her uber-dramatic tresses... Here's what you had to say: Dani commented via Facebook: "I love that she has parents that are open enough to allow their child to express herself." Lavada wrote via Facebook: "It's playful and a little tom-boyish, I think."

Marcia with Willow.jpg

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