'Football Wives' Pilar Sanders on Being a Celeb Wife

Just like her husband, Pilar Sanders is good at more than one thing. The wife of professional football and baseball legend Deion Sanders, Pilar is a mother, philanthropist, entrepreneur and reality TV star. As part of VH1's new reality series, "Football Wives," she gives viewers a glimpse into the game. And while it's not the one your man watches on Sundays, it will likely include some offense and defense. She recently spoke to ESSENCE.com about what it takes to stay married to a famous sports figure and what she hopes women will take away from the show... Here's what you had to say: Bella commented via Facebook: "It's another show about rich women that call themselves 'housewives' but don't clean or cook." Starr wrote via Facebook: "I will be watching, ladies. So you better make it interesting."


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