Commentary: What If Lindsay Lohan Were Black?

Even folks who routinely avoid entertainment gossip are probably vaguely aware of actress Lindsay Lohan's never-ending saga of arrests, drug charges and illicit behavior. While the former child star has certainly seen her career take a turn for the worse in wake of her troubles, there is still a great deal of public support for her. Not just sympathy, but forgiveness for the actress -- even as she seems unwilling to take responsibility for her misdeeds. (Does anyone recall her stealing a car in 2007, running over a man's foot and then saying, "The Black guy did it!"? 'Cause I do.)... Here's what you had to say: Lisa commented via Facebook: "I don't think color has anything to do with it." Alexandrea wrote via Facebook: "Special treatment doesn't help her or her problem. It just makes people realize the favoritism and racism still exist."


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