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Who's Dating Who: Celebrity Relationship Rumors

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Is Chris Brown helping Kim Kardashian get her groove back? If we were to believe the blogosphere, the answer would be yes. Kardashian, 29, is reportedly robbing the cradle by crushing on Young Breezy, 21. She immediately denied the hookup rumors and tweeted: "As much as I'd love to dispute every rumor, some are so ridiculous that I just can't give them attention! I'd be on here all day tweeting! ...BUT I have to say, I literally laughed out loud at these dating rumors today!... I literally can't keep up anymore, not true!"              Rumors about our favorite celebs hooking up seem to pop up out of nowhere and shock us. As much as celebs attempt to keep the public out of their love lives, with technology and a relentless army of paparazzi, it becomes virtually impossible. And sometimes, as hard as these celebs try to dispel the rumors, we may find that there is a bit of truth to the hearsay. Remember Beyonc and Jay, Alicia Keys and Swizz, and Rihanna and Matt Kemp? Initially they were all rumored couples who either denied their relationships or did whatever possible to remain private, but later -- the truth was revealed. See what other rumored relationships potentially may be real...