Out-of-the-Ordinary Date Ideas to Spark Romance

What are you doing for date night? Dinner at the same restaurant, maybe a drink at your favorite bar or a movie at the same theater you always go to? "Tried and true though it may be, sometimes dinner and a movie needs an update," Yahoo Shine nudges. Simply put, "tried and true" is getting tired and lame. It's time to switch it up. "New experiences can stimulate those first-time-we-laid-eyes-on-each-other butterflies," Shine continues. If your date night hasn't changed since that movie theater down the street opened, Shine has created a list of "20 outside-the-ordinary, surprising dates to spark romance." Here are some of our favorites. Here's what you had to say: Jessica commented via Facebook: "My boyfriend and I made pottery [on a date]. It was a first for the both of us." Stewy wrote via Facebook: "I like the living room picnic idea, but I am going to add rose petals all over the room."


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