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10 Ways to Have Better Sex

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A lot of attention is given to spring cleaning, but we do a lot of reflecting and reorganizing during the autumn months too. With the fall season wafting in, we're all thinking of ways we can improve our lives. While you're making improvements, why not pay some attention to your sex life? Here are ten ways to have better sex today -- and let the good times roll into fall, winter, spring and summer. 1. Let's Talk About Sex Don't wait until the lights go out and the clothes come off for sex to enter your relationship. Let sex be a frequent topic of discussion. Tell your partner what you like and ask him what he's into. The more sex is on your mind, the more likely you'll get it on. The more sex you have, the better at it you'll get. See how that works? 2. Love your "Jiggly Parts" We applauded when Niecy Nash told her "Dancing with the Stars" partner, "I like my jiggly parts." It's time for us to take a note out of Nash's book. When you and your man are closer than close, he's not thinking about any of your imperfections, so you shouldn't be wasting precious time that you could be using to focus on your pleasure, thinking about them either -- and that goes for any other "flaws" you think you may have. Free your mind and the rest will follow. 3. Anything Goes As long as you and your partner are not causing each other pain, you should feel free do whatever you want when you get down. Handcuff him to the stairs. Make a sex tape and watch it together. Have a mutual masturbation session. Bring out the sex toys. Like BT Express said, "Do it 'til you're satisfied, whatever it is." 4. Move It All Around If you've been with your partner for a while, you probably both know what positions work to get you to orgasm. But every session doesn't have to be like Monday morning quickie sex. Trying a new position and discover a new sensation. You can always go back to old faithful when you're ready to erupt. 5. Pencil It In We know this goes against your spontaneous side, but experts keep saying if you want more sex, you have to make time for it. On your lunch break, get on the phone and call up your man and ask him when he's free for a sex date and make it count. 6. Watch Your Meds It's been noted that certain medications -- like antidepressants, blood pressure meds and some birth control pills -- can inhibit your libido. If your sex drive has gone down while you've been taking a new pill, talk to your doctor about going to a lower dosage or switching medications. 7. Play Pretend Last week we posted our survey on sexual fantasy to find out what you daydream about. It's time to live out some of those racy scenarios you've got logged in your head. Yes, purchase that naughty French maid's outfit you've been thinking about getting. Yes, buy those towering, pleather heels and perform a strip tease for your man. Yes, ask him to pretend he's the sexy, young pizza delivery boy. 8. Get Your Rest Sleep and sex go hand in hand. When you're sleep deprived, you'd rather get some shut-eye than knock boots. Experts recommend you do both. An orgasm will help you get a more restful sleep, which will help you be raring to go later on. 9. Try It Somewhere New The bedroom's great and all, but the mattress is sagging in that one spot that you always seem to do it. Get out of the bedroom! Do it in your car while it's parked in the garage. Climb on top of the kitchen counter while the kids are asleep. Rent a room in a nearby bed and breakfast for one night. That one session will give you plenty of fantasy material for weeks to come. 10. Potty Mouth If you're new to dirty talk, it can feel a little awkward, but practice makes perfect. Tell your man how badly you want him. Tell him exactly how you like it and ask him what he wants you to do to him. Tell him when he hits your spot. Directions will always lead to better sex because the both of you will know when something is working and when to change up your techniques. Plus the added, "Oh baby, you're the best I've ever had," isn't bad for the ego either.  
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