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Oprah Reacts to Dr. Oz's Colon Cancer Scare

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Dr. Oz shares how Oprah reacted to his colon cancer scare, reports "I talked to Oprah about this right after the colonoscopy results came back," Oz explains to People. "Her main question, classic Oprah, was, 'I don't care about this stuff. Are you okay? That's the bigger question.' It's all about how do you deal with the rough waters you hit?" he says. "This was a storm that came over the horizon." Oz's personal story inspired the talk show host to check on her own health. Oprah told the doctor, "this makes me want to get a colonoscopy right away." Oz says Oprah also encouraged him to share his story so that more people over age 50 would undergo colposcopy screenings for early detection of colon cancer. "Talking to people and giving them knowledge but not the visceral awareness doesn't work," he told People. "Oprah taught me that. Use my story. The only way it's compelling is because you know me." Oprah produces his successful daytime show, "The Dr. Oz Show."