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13 Important Teen-Parenting Tips

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Every parent worries about their children as they grow into teenagers. Think back to when you were 13. Remember all the secrets you kept from your parents? Ellen Pober Rittberg, a mother of three grown kids and author of "35 Things Your Teen Won't Tell You, So I Will," shared 13 teen-parenting tips on Yahoo Shine. Rittberg writes, "All teens lie. Yes, all of them. The honors students, the artsy ones, you name it. [And contrary to what you see on "Law and Order," you usually can't tell when they're lying. You only figure it out after you have egg on your face or you smell liquor on their breath.] Why do they lie? Because they want out of the house, out of view, earshot so they can do all the things they think will be fun, which more likely than not are bad for them. Even if you think you can trust your teens... think again and don't believe a word they tell you. And if you catch them in a lie and they promise you they won't lie to your again, they won't, that is, until the next time they lie!" She continues, "Your teens don't want you to be their friends. What they need is for you to be a reliable, responsible role model worthy of their respect and not some overgrown finger-snapping hipster who wears too tight jeans or tee shirts with slogans advocating the virtues of 100-proof liquor." Read more on Yahoo Shine...