Flashback Fridays: Jellies

I'll put money down that every Black girl has had them. Whether you were a big girl or young  when they were popular -- if you didn't have them, you definitely wanted them. The summertime shoe that got the name "Jellies" was probably one of the first fashion trends you ever followed. As soon as it was hot, you wasted no time stepping into that funny-looking plastic shoe, knowing that you were stylin' way more than the girl at summer camp with the plain ol' flip flops. Here's what you had to say: Zaneta commented via Facebook: "Jellies were my favorite. I had them in every color and I made them match with every outfit-dressy and casual." Diahann wrote via Facebook: "I had a blue pair. My sisters had white and yellow pair. The fads were crazy in the early 80s."


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