Sexiest Bald Celebs

And you thought women were sensitive about their hair! Last week, Ne-Yo reportedly revealed that he started to lose his hair when he was only a teenager. The singer/songwriter said his hair loss at such a young age was extremely hard to cope with, but eventually he came to grips with it. Unbeknown to us, men are just as sensitive (in not more) about losing and thinning hair than we are -- and they need to be reminded that for some of us, a shiny cranium is a major turn-on, and with or without hair, sexy is sexy. Check out the sexiest Black celebs who have re-confirmed how hot a hairless head is. Here's what you had to say: Lavern commented via Facebook: "Morris Chestnut and Boris Kodjoe define bald-headed-sexiness." Alexis wrote via Facebook: "My husband is the sexiest bald man!"


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