5 Digital Rules for Your Breakup

Get your finger off the send button on your phone. It's over, and you and your guy need to fully break up, in real life and in virtual life. A new study from Stony Brook University revealed that breakups trigger the same brain activity that goes off when people withdraw from hard drugs. Therefore, "being on Facebook (a few clicks away from your ex) is like hanging out in a crack den," Liz Brody of Yahoo Shine writes. "It keeps you hooked when you need to be moving on." Brody has come up with five steps to a digital cleanse in the post-breakup phase. Here's what you had to say: Sharon commented via Facebook: "I un-friend on the regular because I do not want to see that face every day." Winter wrote via Facebook: "Most of the relationships I had started off as friendships so those are the ones that I keep in my life."


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