Commentary: Montana Fishburne's XXX Route to Fame

For several years now, I've been contemplating what exactly would be The Effect, if any, of making celebrities out of women -- like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian -- who had done nothing worthy of being celebrated at the time they became celebrities. Sure, each of them has now had a TV show, a clothing or shoe line, a personal scent, or all of the above. But what led to that wasn't much more than being pretty, showing up designer-clad on the right red carpets, behaving badly in public and most important of all, having a fairly recognizable last name. Enter Montana Fishburne...  Here's what you had to say: Alvanell commented via Facebook: "This is so sad. This is why none of my role models are celebs." Neicy wrote via Facebook: "She did not have to go this route at all."


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