Helena Andrews on 'Bitch Is the New Black'

Helena Andrews isn't trying to be the poster girl for single Black women (SBWs). Instead, the Ivy League-educated journalist and author wants to ensure their stories are told accurately, not sensationalized. In her memoir, "Bitch is the New Black," Andrews chronicles her life with tongue-in-cheek essays about what it really means to be a young, single, successful Black woman. "I wanted to write a book from the prospective of one of those women that we always hear these stories about," she says. Andrews spoke with ESSENCE.com about all of the sudden attention given to SBWs, and the Michelle Obama effect... Here's what you had to say: Elle wrote: "I loved this book and I absolutely adore Helena. Her writing style is blunt, to the point, and funny." Priscilla commented via Facebook: "I am a young, single and successful Black woman and I refuse to be called a B____ by anyone."


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