Read Our Live Chat with Ne-Yo

Live chat with the superstar singer and songwriter, Ne-Yo. Whether you've been a fan of Ne-Yo since "Sexy Love" or got in line with "Miss Independent," you know he's always stepping up his game. The 30-year-old singer is embarking on a new cinematic album called "Libra Scale," celebrating his zodiac sign. In anticipation of the record, Ne-Yo will be releasing blog posts on each week that will give clues to what the new tunes are all about. Until then, check out what Ne-Yo had to say about the new album, tour dates, what inspires him and more during a live chat on on Tuesday, July 13. Here's what you had to say: Jayme commented: "Ne-Yo is the definition of music. He's the greatest singer/songwriter; the man can dance and is about to get all kinds of awards for acting too." Lovely wrote: "Every song that he touches, I have. When my CD's scratch I buy new ones and I have for my car and one for my house." Also, take a look at Ne-Yo's life in pictures...
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