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Hosting a Tropical-Themed Party

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Over here on the East Coast, we've been having a serious heat wave! If you're feeling this island weather in the city, why not make the best of it? Everyone's pockets are tender right now, so going away on vacation may not be an option, but you do have the ability to bring the island to you! Take all of your friends on a one night island getaway right in your home! Ditch the air fare, hotel fare and get in touch with your creative Caribbean side. Spruce up the place Whether the fiesta is inside or in the backyard, nothing says island better than a bunch of sea shells. Put some on the coffee table, or in clusters on the ground outside and let your friends imagine that the salty sea is near by. The lighting is also very important in setting the Caribbean mood. If your inside, turning down some lights is fine, but if you want to go all out, get some colored light bulbs. Oranges and yellows give the illusion that you're somewhere mystical and tropical. Colorful hanging lanterns for outside are perfect! Turn up the tunes Pick up some reggae, salsa or samba music if you haven't already... For more tips for "Hosting an Island Staycation," click here...