Commentary: How Much was Oscar Grant's Life Worth?

In Oakland, California, riots and looting occurred just hours after a White police officer was convicted on a lesser charge for killing 22-year-old Oscar Grant III on New Year's Day in 2009. Hundreds gathered in what initially seemed to be a peaceful protest. But once the officer was charged with involuntary manslaughter, the ruling sent shockwaves to Oakland natives. contributor Jamilah Lemieux wonders what message the California courts are sending about the value of a Black man's life... Here's what you had to say: Kristina commented via Facebook: "I felt that the verdict was proof that police officers aren't expected to take responsibility for their actions and get away with murder. Literally." Stacy wrote via Facebook: "The verdict was unjust and unfair, but that is why people need to get actively involved in the legal system."


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