Julia Yarbough is on the Highway to a Husband

From the outside looking in, Julia Yarbough had it all: 22 years as a TV news anchor, great friends, not to mention being beautiful. But the 44-year-old Florida native felt like she was missing a partner to share her life. With no prospects in her city, she and friend Silva Harapetian (a former news reporter at WDIV in Detroit) took to the highway in search of love, laughs and adventure. Six months and 12 states later, Yarbough spoke to ESSENCE.com about driving cross-country in search of Mr. Right... Here's what you had to say: B.G. commented: "I think it is wonderful idea and an adventure. Please don't listen to haters. You have to do what is best for you." Theresa wrote: "This idea is amazing and crazy at the same time."


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