EMF 2010: Estelle Talks Beauty and Hair

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Today at the Convention Center, we did a double-take when a gorgeous, be-scarfed woman with flawless skin swanned into the ESSENCE Music Festival Cyberlounge. Turns out, it was none other than "American Boy" singer Estelle! The British pop/R&B sensation was happy to sit down with us for a chat about beauty, hair, and why weaves make her "itch." ESSENCE.COM: Every time we see you, you're rocking fabulous makeup. Are you a beauty girl? ESTELLE: I enjoy makeup! I mean, I'm not a pagaent girl, but I do love transforming with makeup. You can look totally different just by wearing a bold eye, or changing your lipstick. ESSENCE.COM: Love your denim blue nails! Are you into blue polish right now? ESTELLE: In New York, I have an amazing manicurist named Meredith--she actually custom-made this color for me. I love it because even though it's dark, it's really bright and doesn't feel too "winter." ESSENCE.COM: Pink gloss is all the rage right now, and you're definitely representing. What shade is that? ESTELLE: It's Kissable Couture Lipgloss in Peony ($22, kissablecouture.com). I love it, it's the perfect pink. AJ Crimson (co-founder of Kissable Couture, along with Keisha Whitaker) is my makeup artist, and I adore him. He gets my face together! ESSENCE.COM: So, let's talk hair, Estelle. You've had some pretty fierce short hairstyles. Have you ever gone long? ESTELLE: When I was younger, I had hair down to my elbows! It was thick, natural, un-relaxed hair...but I always wore it in a ponytail. So when I was 18, I cut it all off. My mom went with me and she cried and cried! I have moments when I want to wear a weave, but I can't take that itch. It makes me wanna kill myself, I just can't do it. ESSENCE.COM: Your hair always looks tight! What are your secrets? ESTELLE: Whenever I'm not out or performing, I always have my hair wrapped up in a scarf. It's like my trademark! I love scarves, they really pull your look together. Also, I use Hair Rules shampoos and conditioners (hairrules.com), and I apply a little Carols Daughter Tui Oil ($18, carolsdaughter.com) on my sides before I wrap my hair at night. ESSENCE.COM: Your skin is flawless. What kind of makeup do you use? ESTELLE: Right now, I'm really into Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($59, giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com). I like to mix it with Black Up Complexion Enhancer ($36, estore.blackup.com), a fabulous gold highlighter from France... it gives my skin a nice glow without being too shimmery.
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