Commentary: Is Church Keeping You Single?

Last week, the Belle Mail account started blowing up with this story from The title, "The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely."   I had no intentions of reading it until one of the women who sent it to me added a small note: "I am "characteristically" the woman the author speaks of in the article. Ministry consumes much of my free time often making it impossible to date even if the opportunity presents itself..." Here's what you had to say: Lisi commented: "I can see the author's point in this article. Some Black women are taught that the only place to meet your mate is in the church. That theory limits Black women, especially since there are far more women than men in the church." Darlalay wrote: "She is telling single, Black, God-fearing women to "lower their standards" and settle for any kind of man she can find. Should we also visit the prisons, and unemployment offices to find a potential partner?"


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