Bridal Bliss: A New York Minute

On a summer day in New York City, former co-workers Kimberly Cooper and Rodney King bumped into each other on the corner of 57th street and Ninth Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. This chance meeting was unlike the pleasantries they'd exchanged before and the two native New Yorkers saw each other in a whole new light. After talking on the sidewalk for over an hour they set a date. As their courtship progressed, the two fell head over heels in love. On April 15, 2010 Kimberly and Rodney joined forces in a fabulous wedding with a "contemporary royalty" theme. Share their love. Here's what you had to say: Faith commented: "I wish you two the best in the years to come. Hold on to her Rodney." Sheshe wrote: "I've read most of these bridal bliss stories, but this is by far the sweetest."


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