Coffee Talk: Lauryn Hill Back on Stage at Harmony Fest

Here's what's buzzing around the editorial table today. Lauryn Hill hit the stage at the Harmony Festival in California to sing a sped-up version of "Doo Wop." She slowed things down with "Turn Your Lights Down Low," and even threw in some "Fu-Gee-La" for the die-hard Fugees fans. With so solution in sight for the Gulf Coast oil spill, Louisiana called for a statewide day of prayer. Plus, could a soda pop tax lower the obesity rate in the U.S.? Here's what you had to say: Shanda commented via Facebook: "Taxing soda is not helping the main source of obesity. That's like putting a band-aid over a bullet wound." Louasia wrote Facebook: "A tax on soda will help lower the obesity rate in the U.S. just like tax on cigarettes lowered the number of cigarette-related deaths. Not."


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