Exclusive: Anita Baker on Drake, Divorce, Janet's Hair

In celebration of Black Music Month, ESSENCE.com chatted with the incomparable Anita Baker, who is working on a new album and wanted to give us a sneak peek. She had just landed in Los Angeles, where she was in the studio recording when we spoke with her about her passion in life: making music. As for the rumors of her canceled dates, she says, "You know, typically, I'd be out on the road with our audience, but I've canceled my summer dates to deliver the record." Here's what you had to say: Debra Kilgore commented: "Anita, hurry up and come back. I want to hear some real R&B." Gail E. Cooper wrote: "I'm an absolute Anita Baker junkie and I'm glad she's in the studio preparing a "new fix" so I can continue to support my "musical habit."


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