Commentary: Slim Thug Trash Talking Black Women?

Sigh. Where do I begin?  I'll start here: Yesterday, nobody's favorite rapper, Slim Thug, best known to me as the "dude that used to be with Letoya Luckett" decided to express his uncensored feelings about Black women. Without re-posting them in their entirety, I offer you the intentionally offensive highlights. (And note: I call it intentional because this was purely said as a marketing strategy. You think it's coincidence he says this when he's got an album, "Tha Thug Show," dropping soon? Uh, no.)... Here's what you had to say: Brenda commented: "I say we all steer clear of both him and his music. Next!" Blackbeauty wrote: "Ms. Lucas you spoke for all of us real Black women."


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