Commentary: The Sale Guide

Everyone loves a good sale. The rush of lower prices on things you have been admiring all year can be intoxicating. Often we lose all sense of timing and purpose and buy things we will never wear. A fantasy lifestyle surfaces and we start making up reasons for buying discounted stuff. The occasions for wearing these things never happen and these items linger in our closets with red discounted marked tags...


  •  Always keep in mind that sale items are things that did NOT sell. There is usually a reason it is on sale. Beware of poor fit, bad fabrication and complicated styles.
  • Fashion forward styles are also designated sale items--these pieces are just ahead of the style curve. They can be identified by unusual colors and fabrics that are not of the current seasonal climate. For example: A dark purple leather jacket that was part of a spring collection. This item becomes a fall style opportunity!
  • Make a list of items you are missing in your wardrobe before you go shopping. For example: You wear pants all the time and you want more dresses--So FOCUS on buying dresses on sale. This way the intoxication of low pricing does not distract you!
  • Color stories are also helpful when shopping sale. Try to buy items in the same color tones because that helps to build your wardrobe. Purchasing separates that don't match anything is always a challenge especially for "10 Minute Style".
  •  Accessories on sale can totally update an old wardrobe. Look for pieces that stand out. A signature necklace can enhance a sheath dress or a dark green leather purse can take your style into fall.
  •  Shoes, shoes and more shoes on sale! My personal sale weakness. My best advice is to only buy shoes that fit your feet and do not hurt your knees. Dream shoes are beautiful, especially when they are on sale but they can be a nightmare when you have to walk in them! Walk around in the store and decide on the ones that don't hurt ANYWHERE.

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