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Bridal Bliss: The Path to Love

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Bride: Mahlet Mesfin, 29 Groom: John Bradford, 29 Hometown: Philadelphia via Kalamazoo, Michigan Ceremony Location: Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Reception Location: The Old Mill, Rose Valley Pennsylvania Wedding Date: May 8, 2010 All Grown Up Mahlet Mesfin and John Bradford grew up in Kalamazoo Michigan, knowing of each other through mutual friends and similar social circles. After college, Mahlet and her family left their home state and headed to Pennsylvania. By chance, the two bumped into each other in Philadelphia at an engagement party for a mutual friend. Each equally impressed by the beautiful and admirable person the other had become, Mahlet and John knew they had found something special by the end of the night. He Said: "We ran into each other and I knew before the end of the night that I at least wanted to get to know Mahlet better. And by the end of the night, it was a done deal." She said: "By the end of the night, I was telling all my friends that he was my ideal guy. We pretty much talked on the phone every day since then." Get Here If You Can After the engagement party, John went back to Michigan, but called Mahlet every day to get to know her. Two months after their chance encounter, Mahlet found a cheap flight from Kalamazoo to Philly and asked John to visit her. "He came out and we hung out that weekend. We had the talk about how we didn't want to see other people," Mahlet explained. "Ever since then we've seen each other every three to four weeks." Although We're Miles Apart "We knew what we both wanted. We were both willing to communicate and make sure that we budgeted our time to talk on the phone and budgeted money for travel," John says of how he and Mahlet made their three-year long-distance relationship work. "Even when we were getting to know each other we were both on the same page." Meet the Mesfins John flew down to Pennsylvania to meet his girlfriend's parents for the weekend of Thanksgiving, 2008. The lovebirds spent the night at the Mesfin home and John took his future father-in-law aside to ask for his daughter's hand. The next day, while the couple took a long afternoon walk alone together, John said, "Your dad gave me a hug this morning." "Uh-huh. I saw that." Mahlet replied. "I thought he would," John continued. "Because yesterday I asked him if I could marry you." Then, John found a clear spot on their path, got down on one knee and asked Mahlet to be his bride. In the Same Place at the Same Time Four days before their big day, John moved to Philly to be with Mahlet forever more. On May 8, 2010, the bride and groom reveled in their love for each other in a rustic, garden celebration in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania. Share their love...
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