Commentary: Where are the Black Women in 'SATC'?

I love "Sex and the City." A lot. I can recite stretches of dialogue, I remember exactly what Carrie was wearing when she said, "your girl is lovely, Hubbell," and I get weepy just thinking about Miranda's grief in "My Motherboard, Myself." I know the series inside and out. Now. Having said that, I have to address something that's been driving me crazy since the show first aired, in 1998... Here's what you had to say: Nicole commented: "My girlfriends and I saw SATC 2 over the weekend and asked the same question: Where are the fabulous Black women?" JFoxy wrote: "I am a Black woman and I love SATC. I see myself in every character. You don't have to see a Black person go through something to relate to it."


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